DNA (1985).  Computer-generated image depicts a hydroxyl radical attacking the sugar on the back bone of a DNA molecule. Clusters of dots indicate reaction areas around the sugar.  Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.


Application site

http://eprost.med.miami.edu  (click to launch)


The electronic Protocol Submission and Tracking (eProst) system, as its names implies, is designed for online submission and tracking of research protocols. 


eProst access requires an eProst account.  Use the "Request an eProst Account" link on the page above (just above the "Login to eProst" link).  Access to eProst is limited to employees, students, and authorized associates of the University of Miami or Jackson Health System.


See the "New User Instructions" link at the eProst site.


Contact the Human Subjects Research Office (HSRO) at 305-243-3195 or eprost@med.miami.edu.

Additional considerations

Currently the system is not fully implemented and may still require printing (and physical transfer) of reports for many transactions, including all new and revised protocol applications.  Check the HSRO Web site for current instructions.

System administration 

eProst is managed by the Human Subjects Research Office.