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28 May 2010


UChart, the new electronic medical record (EMR) system for UHealth is wrapping up the first two weeks of the Alpha Go-Live.   Throughout July and August, UChart will be going live in the remaining medical campus ambulatory clinics and satellite sites. Training is required and will be provided to ensure that everyone is proficient and comfortable navigating in UChart.  All UChart users will be assigned the required computer based learning (CBL) modules in ULearn.   In addition to the CBLs, users will be given classroom scenario based labs facilitated by UChart trainers.  All users will then be given an assessment to show proficiency before being granted UChart access.

What do I need to access ULearn?

To access ULearn, you will need your CaneID and associated password. The software requirements for UChart courses in ULearn are: Internet Explorer and the latest versions of Java and Flash. The ULearn site can be accessed at

Can I use to run Internet Explorer on a Mac and access the assigned courses?

No. Unfortunately, these learning modules require Flash, and Citrix does not support Flash for security reasons. If you cannot find a Windows PC in your department to access the learning modules, please contact the UChart training department at 305-243-3665. They can coordinate the use of training PC’s for the completion of these learning modules.

How do I find my assigned modules in ULearn?

You will receive an email notifying you that the modules have been assigned. When you log in to ULearn, you will see an area on the left hand side of the page labeled Mandatory Learning. The modules you are required to complete will be listed there. If you do not see the Mandatory Learning section, please contact UMCET at 305-243-3665.

How long should the courses take to complete?

Approximately 2 hours for all the e-learning courses. Individual modules vary between 10 and 20 minutes.

Can I access ULearn from home?

Yes. You can access ULearn from on and off campus provided you have the previously mentioned required software.

Is there anything else I should keep in mind when accessing my assigned courses via ULearn?

Make sure you disable or add an exception for the ULearn site to any pop-up blockers you may have enabled. Newer versions of Internet Explorer have a built-in pop-up blocker that may interfere with the learning modules. In addition, if you have any toolbars (Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc) installed on your browser, check to make sure their pop-up blockers are not stopping the modules from functioning correctly. You can view a short tutorial on disabling pop-up blockers here:

What should I do if I’m still having trouble accessing the assigned modules?

Call Medical Information Technology’s Help Desk at 305-243-5999, option 1. A technician can help you resolve any computer problems you might be having. If you continue to experience problems with your PC at home while accessing ULearn, you should consider completing the courses on a workplace PC.

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