Citrix Application Portal

Application site  (click to launch)


The Citrix Applications Portal provides access to applications that normally require installed software, simply through the use of a Web browser like Internet Explorer.

For medical campus users, that access includes a full suite of Microsoft Office software, including a full-featured version of Outlook (this is one option for Exchange email access).   See the full list of currently available applications here.


Citrix is available to anyone with a Medical ID.  Go to the login page (link above).  Log in using your Medical ID and associated password.  


Instructions for the PC can be found here. Instructions for the Mac can be found here.


Contact the Information Technology Help Desk.

Additional considerations

Citrix creates a secure (encrypted) Web browser connection, for software that requires that added security measure, which is why some of our more sensitive applications can only be accessed off-campus using Citrix or a VPN service.

Citrix also allows access to your network files (personal home directory and shared directories), making them as easy to use from a remote location as from a computer located on campus.

Citrix requires installation of a small program (client) before it can be used for the first time.  If you are planning to use Internet Explorer, you should choose the "Citrix ICA client" when prompted.  Click here for instructions.

If you are using Firefox or Safari on a Mac, we recommend you set Citrix to use Java.  Click here for instructions.  We've found Citrix works much better with Firefox than Safari.

System administration 

Citrix is managed by Information Technology Data Center Services.