Tsunami (2004).  Computer model of the 26 December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, showing the tsunami 30 minutes after it was triggered by the earthquake.  Source: US Geological Survey.


Application site

http://myum.miami.edu  (click to launch)


MyUM is a Web portal for faculty, staff and students.  It replaces and augments the functionality formerly provided by the EASY system.

UM affiliates can update their contact information using the MyUM portal.  UM employees can access their payroll and benefit information.  Faculty can also post grades (and access grades from previous semesters).  Students can register for courses, find grades, and check tuition and loan status. 


MyUM is available to all UM faculty, staff and students.  Access is via one's CaneID and associated password.  Use link above to reach login page.


Not available.


Contact the Coral Gables Information Technology Help Desk.

Additional considerations

Contact information from MyUM is used to update the Global Address List (GAL) accessed by the medical campus Exchange email system. There may be a lag of up to 48 hours between updating MyUM and migration of the new information to the GAL.

While many data fields are under your control, some can only be reset with permission or not at all.  In particular, work title information is set within the DHRS (Human Resources) system, and not subject to change.  Note that if you provide an emergency cell phone number, that is used for emergency contact only; it is not published.

System administration 

MyUM is managed by Coral Gables Information Technology.