Charles Babbage's "Analytical Engine" (1830s), a mechanical calculator design that anticipated the logical features of today's general purpose computers.

eAppraisal (Halogen)

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eAppraisal is a Web-based application for employee performance assessment.  Standardized online forms, authoring aids and point-and-click menus simplify the process of making assessments. 

Features include goal and objective management, multi-rater assessment, competency management, development planning, comprehensive reporting, competency libraries, spell checkers, language checkers, and comment helpers.


Use the link above to reach the login page.  Your username for eAppraisal is your Medical ID, and the password is your standard Medical ID password, just like you use for medical email, Citrix, etc.   However, you must also have an active eAppraisal account provided by Human Resources.  Contact the eAppraisal Help Desk at or 305-243-8171 (6-8171). 

Remote (off-campus) use of eAppraisal requires access via the Secure Gateway or Citrix.  Note that your browser must be configured to allow pop-ups -- either generally or for the eAppraisal domain specifically.


See the HELP link (upper right of login window) on eAppraisal's login page.


If you are having difficulty logging in to eAppraisal, the problem may be with your Medical ID and its associated password.  Contact the Medical Information Technology Help Desk at 305-243-5999 for assistance. 

If you are able to access your medical email, Citrix or other applications that use the Medical ID, but cannot access Halogen, the problem must be resolved by HR's eAppraisal Help Desk.  All other questions regarding eAppraisal functionality or data must also be directed to HR's eAppraisal support.  Send email to the eAppraisal Help Desk at or call 305-243-8171 (6-8171) for these application-specific issues. 

Additional considerations

On the medical campus, eAppraisal is currently used only by the hospitals.  For access to and information about the system, contact Medical Human Resources.

System administration 

eAppraisal is managed by Medical Human Resources.