Wireless campus network

When you are on campus, the Medical Center network can be accessed via using the campus wireless "cloud," as described here, or via a wired network (LAN) connection.  The wireless cloud currently reaches all the interiors of Medical campus buildings, and about 85% of the outside areas.

Check the coverage map for more detail.

When you're off campus, you will need to use a remote access method.

Access and Instructions

Full access to the network by any means is restricted to faculty, staff and students.  Third-party access requires specific authorization.  Limited "guest" Internet access is offered while connected to the wireless cloud.

For wireless access, you must have a computer/laptop or other device equipped to receive wireless signals.  We support 802.11b, 802.11g or combination 802.11b/g and 802.11n wireless adapters. 

When your device is within range of a wireless access point, it should automatically detect the signal and the UHealth and Medical_Wireless networks should be available.

UHealth Wireless Network- Intended for Medical Faculty, Staff, and Students

  • The UHealth wireless network allows for access to Medical campus network resources. Connecting via a Mac only requires that you provide your Medical ID and associated password. If you need to connect to the UHealth wireless network on a PC, your PC must be configured appropriately.

Medical_Wireless - Intended for Guest Users

  • The Medical_Wireless network is intended for guest users and does not provide access to Medical campus network resources.

For more detailed instructions on accessing the UHealth and Medical_Wireless wireless networks, please see our login instructions page.

Coverage issues

We have located our wireless access points to maximize coverage and reliability.  If you are having difficulty with signal strength in your area, please contact the Help Desk at 305-243-5999, option 1or via email help@med.miami.edu.

Note: Independently managed wireless access points are not authorized at the Medical Center.  Wireless signals from independent access points will conflict with our systems.  If you have special coverage or service requirements, please contact the Network Manager to discuss a customized installation.

In certain specialized circumstances, we will support 802.11a devices (e.g., frequency conflicts with other co-located devices).  For some applications, connecting via the wired network may still be preferable even in areas with good coverage.  See discussion here.