Outlook Web Access (webmail)

Application site

http://mail.med.miami.edu  (click to launch)


Outlook Web Access -- a.k.a., OWA or simply "webmail" -- provides access to your Exchange email messages, calendar and contact information using only a Web browser.  It provides most of the functionality of installed Outlook or other email client software. 

For Windows PCs, OWA works best with Internet Explorer (Microsoft's Web browser), but can also be used with alternative browsers such as Firefox, Netscape, or Opera.  For Apple/Mac systems, OWA works with Safari (Apple's Web browser), but also Foxfire, Netscape, Opera, etc.


OWA is available to anyone with an Exchange email account, and uses the Medical ID for user authentication.  Go to the Outlook Web Access login page (link above).  Log in using your Medical ID and associated password.  

Note that OWA uses a secure (https) Web connection -- indicated by a small "padlock" icon in most browsers -- so the supplemental encryption of a VPN connection is not necessary.


OWA has a searchable Help utility built in, that includes a "Getting Started" section.  Click on the Help (blue "?") icon. 


For additions or changes to email privileges, or for questions about Outlook Web Access, contact the Help Desk.

Additional considerations

For Exchange email access from your primary computer, you may prefer to use installed client email software.  For Windows systems, the most common option is a client version of Outlook; for Apple/Mac systems, it's Entourage or Apple Mail.  Or you may employ a third-party vendor's email software (e.g., Eudora).

OWA does not allow remote access to your network files (personal home directory and shared directories).  For that, use the Citrix Applications Portal, which also provides a secure connection and a full-featured client version of Outlook.

For e-mail access from portable devices such as Blackberries, Palm Treos or other smart (Internet capable) cell phones, other arrangements are necessary. 

For a fuller discussion of the options, see the Exchange page or follow the links above.

System administration 

OWA is managed by the Medical Information Technology Data Center Services group.